Make Your Knives Look Even Better!

Carbide Faced 4142 HT Alloy Steel Are Available Now!

Also Offering Integral Bolster File Guides in C2 Carbide bonded on 4142 HT Alloy Steel!

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I am offering these guides with the C2 Carbide Blanks Surface Ground ! With this being ground, it assures that the two surfaces to be in the same plane. Prior to this I would match my blanks as well as I could. I am not increasing my price on these guides as it is time saving which makes it cost effective to me.

These file (or grinding) guides are offered either made out of 6061 T6 Aluminum or 4142 HT Alloy Steel with C2 Carbide bonded to one side of each bar. (I am not offering (as before) the guides in 416 SST as I have found that the 4142 HT Alloy is better suited for this application as it is more stable after machining). The pins are hardened and have 1/4-20 socket cap screws are also supplied along with an Allen wrench. The carbide is not affected by abrasives other than the diamond. These guides can be used in the grinding the ricasso and choils areas. I have used them to line up handle scales as well. The aluminum actually grips the steel quite well.  They are a very handy tool.

The guides are approximately 3 3/4" in length, 3/8" wide by 1/2" thick. The carbide is 3/32" X 5/16" X 3". The distance between the screws is 2 3/16"

Allen wrench is included.

The price is still $75.00 plus $5.00  domestic shipping for the Aluminum,

$23.00 International shipping,

$16.00 for Canadian shipping.


4142 HT Alloy Steel Guides (with the Carbide) is $125 plus $5.00 shipping,

$23 International shipping,

$16.00 for Canadian shipping.

If you would like one of these, send me an email and I'll send you a invoice. Please inform if your are a resident of Michigan as Sales Tax of 6% will be charged.







Bowie Knife

Blade - 1075 Steel with Hamon

416 Stainless Steel Guard

Handle material is French Walnut.

 Price $1400

Feather Damascus Dagger


Blade is Jelly Rolled Feather Pattern Damascus consisting 1080 and 15n20.

Guard is 416 Stainless

Engraved by David Riccardo

Scales are Mammoth Ivory

Spacer is Amber with Copper spacers between the amber and between the Mammoth Ivory and framed handle which is 416 Stainless.  File work on the copper in the handle